You are the reason we do what we do

How you helped Ax Wolf Design become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who purchases our pieces for their home can enjoy a set free lifestyle, conquering their “blah” and mastering their “ahhh”.

Ashley Par-Due  |  Ax Wolf Design 


Before I started Ax Wolf Design, I pillaged every thrift store and yard sale I could find for unique (if not damaged) rugs, fabrics, furniture, and trimmings.  I was longing to find quality and affordability.  

The way things used to be made – with artisan hands, minds and hearts – was desirable.

Even more…

The value of finding art, decor, and furniture that not only speaks to you and expresses who you are, but also performs its purpose – is unspeakable.

I have long studied color psychology, whether it be related to branding or interior design.  I have grown to firmly believe in the impact our surroundings can have.


Scents.  Color.  Texture.  Balance.  Function.  Form.

These are all subjects that float around in my head on a daily basis.  Environment is important.  We all experience this, even if we don’t actively pursue it.

Through these explorations…

I’ve received and embraced countless ideas, dreams, and sketches with friend and neighbor alike.  Any time anyone in my proximity mentioned they were moving to a new house, getting married, having a baby, or even rearranging their living room,

I would get giddy with excitement. 

I asked them to share their hopes for the new space.  I begged them to let me participate in their journey.  I probably got a little weird.


I have found that many are burdened by decision, the hunt, or the costs involved.

Afraid to get rid of unloved items.  Unsure of which heirlooms to keep, or where to use them.  Burden of collected items that don’t seem to speak to each other.  Fear of starting over.  Overwhelm.

Where to start?  


An admirer of architecture and all things design/engineering, these common burdens simply inspire me.  There are solutions.  You can be free of visual clutter and burden!

You can create a home that is unique – that feels like you.  That serves you.

We know that you’re discerning.  You’re here.  You can do this.

Good design doesn’t have to be out of reach.