Chio Luz


Stay sunny and capricious, but grounded.

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A cheerful triad that contains a medley of textures and materials including:

~velvet, wool, silk, clay, wood & brass~

All adornments are created by hand, from the clay beads to the touchable tassels.

Neutral but friendly, this piece was created to be hands on.  The balance between the three pieces lends itself to be flipped and rearranged, according to your whimsy.

Dimensional. Versatile.  Sunny.

The exterior edges of the canvas are painted a dark gray with a warm undertone.

Each canvas measures 10″ wide x 30″ tall.  The depth of the canvas frame is 1.5″.  Spacing shown is approximately 1″ apart which would make the total approximate size of 32″ x 40″.

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Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 1.5 × 30 in


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