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15″ tassel with wood and brass beads.  Variegated yarn with white, pistachio, moss, walnut, and forest green.  Full hanging length of 24″.

Texture for days!  You will want to touch this soft, vibrant, curly-looking yarn.  You will make a statement wherever you display this piece.  It’s size alone draws attention.  It’s got a cheery, and comforting pistachio color, with a lot of other flecks to add character.  The tassel is cinched with a light blonde color.  The hanging loop has natural wooden beads with small brass separators at the bottom.  A dark ecru yarn is knotted halfway up the handle and then capped by brass.

Hang it around your curtains.  From a doorknob.  Around a lamp or pottery.  Replace the pull string on your window blinds.  Or simply hang it on your wall.  Beautiful, when hung in pairs at different heights!

Bring green back into your world (no matter the season) and feel it’s comforting cheer.

Selection is for one tassel.

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Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 in


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